FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2017


Media Contact: Vicki Elaine Becker (574) 296-1888

Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney Vicki Elaine Becker addressed members of the media today in the 300 block of State Street, Elkhart, Indiana, where just over three (3) weeks ago, a young man was killed. That young man was Lenell Williams, and he should not be dead. Another young man was also gravely injured there, and a third young man was shot. All because robbing a suspected drug house sounded like a good idea. This should not be happening.

The list of “should not’s” does not stop with these things. What really should not be happening is the prolific sales of illegal controlled substances from houses in Elkhart County neighborhoods. Drug dealers are corrupting our community where our children should be playing, riding their bicycles, and embracing life. Families should be mingling and socializing, and helping each other through rough times, not hiding in their houses for fear of random gunfire and drug selling turf wars. Drug dealing attracts people who only care about getting high or making money by exploiting addicts. They are not concerned as much about the welfare or safety of you or your children.

Selling drugs makes a person a target for violence, as selfishness attracts the selfishness of others to steal. The desire for “easy money” and drugs outweighs the risk of taking a life, or losing their own. We have had enough of it.

At least twelve (12) people have died, and twenty-five (25) individuals responsible for their deaths are serving, or have served, prison sentences of up to 110 years for their roles in these drug dealing robbery deaths in the past fifteen (15) years. All of which should not have happened, but for drug dealing activities. These deaths demonstrate that drug dealing is not a victimless crime!

Families are suffering due to drug abuse. Children are not only neglected, but put in extremely risky situations for sexual, physical, and emotional victimization due to drug abuse. Ask yourself, do I know of a family, or a child that is suffering due to drug abuse? If the answer is “yes”, then what are you doing about it? This is a public safety emergency in our community and it will take the community to stop it.

Landlords, if you do not want the expense of cleaning up after a murder, burglary, robbery, or a meth lab explosion, have the courage to report suspicious behavior. Parents, keep track of your children. If you do not know where your minor child is because you are sitting on your couch watching TV, or getting high, ask yourself how it will feel when the police come knocking on your door to tell you that your child is dead, or arrested for their role in a murder. Neighbors, if you see drug dealing going on, have the courage to report it. While just the report will not be all that is needed to prove the criminal activity is happening, it STARTS the investigation. However, if someone does NOT report what they witness, or are willing to cooperate, then they are part of the problems our community is having. Instead, our community should be part of the solution.

Prosecuting Attorney Becker spoke today, near the place where the murder occurred, to bring emphasis to the fact that the 300 block of State Street is one of our neighborhoods. Lenell Williams should not be dead. Nor should other fatal drug robbery victims like Tyrone Alexander, Clayton Schwab, Dretarrius Rogers, Brandon Jackson, Gwen Hunt, Alphonso James, Jr., Devonte Patrick, Kevin Pendleton, John Williams, Jagtar Batti, Pavarti Singh, or Gerald Wegner. Thirteen (13) and fourteen (14) year old kids, high on marijuana, should not be committing armed robberies. These are violent crimes which often result in serious bodily injury or death.

Becker reiterated her concern for the peace and dignity of the community. Everyone plays a role in the safety of Elkhart County neighborhoods and it takes the community to do what SHOULD be done. Drug dealers SHOULD be removed, and the community is needed to do it!

The investigative work of the recently created Elkhart County Homicide Unit just resulted in the arrest of Santori Dorsey, nineteen (19), of South Bend, for Lenell Williams’ murder. This was made possible because neighbors and members of our community had the courage to come forward and cooperate with the police. The Homicide Unit stands ready to work with you to take back our neighborhoods. Becker applauded those actions and then challenged the rest of the community to be a part of the solution.



“Under Indiana law, all persons arrested for a criminal offense are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”