What happens if I am called to testify in court?

If you are called to testify as a witness in court, it is important that you review tips for testifying in court and contact your victim advocate if you have any questions.


How do I get a protective order?

Contact Victim Assistance for the paperwork and forms. We are able to help evaluate your situation, review your paperwork, and determine if your situation meets the statutory guidelines and if you qualify for a protective order. Indiana law specifies that protective orders are to be used only for victims of domestic violence, stalking or workplace violence situations. Our trained advocates work daily to help victims find safety and, in many instances, an Order of Protection can be a useful tool.


How much does a protective order cost?

There is no fee for a protective order.


If I get a protective order and want to drop it later, can I?

You would have to contact the court in which your order was issued. Court officials will provide you with appropriate directions.


Where are you located?

We are located at 301 S. Main St., Suite 100, Elkhart, Indiana, directly across from the civic plaza in downtown Elkhart.


What can Victim Assistance Services do for me?

We can keep you updated on the progress of your case as it is going through the court system; make referrals; and in general provide you with support, referrals and guidance.


I have medical bills resulting from a crime. How can I get help?

We can help you apply for Violent Crimes Compensation if you qualify. This is a state fund designed to reimburse innocent victims with certain (out-of-pocket medical or funeral) expenses that they incurred as a result of a violent crime being committed against them.


If I have a felony case, how will I know when there are court dates?

Each court has an advocate who will keep you notified of court dates. It is important that you inform us of your desire to be notified by returning your notification paperwork. It also is important to keep your address current with our office.


What is a Victim Impact Statement?

This is a form you will complete to let the court know how the crime has affected you. Included in the form is a section to complete that states you want to be notified of court dates you can attend. There is also a section to include any property damage, medical expenses and financial loss. If restitution is ordered by the court, this information will be used to detail the nature of your requests for restitution from the defendant.


Can I get a cell phone from you?

Victim Assistance Services has cell phones available that will only call 911 for persons who are fearful.