October 2, 2013

T. Hill, Jr. - 296-1888

An Elkhart man, who molested the young
daughter of a woman who took him in was found guilty of three felonies on
September 24, 2013 in the Elkhart County Superior Court #3. Corday C. Dixon, age 28, faces a possible
(50) year incarceration to the Indiana Department of Correction when he appears
in court before Judge George Biddlecome for sentencing on October 17, 2013. According to the evidence, Dixon was temporarily living at the home of
the (12) year old child when the offenses occurred during the month of May
2010. The evidence showed that the
mother often left her daughter alone with an adult sister who was recovering
from health issues. The incidents came
to light after the child sought advice from a similarly aged friend who
insisted that she tell an adult. Dixon attempted
to molest the child for a second time and the child sought assistance from her
father. The ensuing investigation led
police to Dixon. At trial the now (15)
year old girl testified that she slept on the living room couch and because
Dixon had hurt his foot, she offered him the couch to sleep on. In accepting her offer, Dixon suggested they
share the couch. During the night, she
described how Dixon sexually abused her and her confusion of what to do after
the abuse had occurred. The child
testified that she told her sister because she wanted Dixon to leave. DPA Susan Snyder pointed to the specific
details of the molestation described by the child in securing the jury’s verdict.